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:bulletyellow: Persona 5: The Protagonist and Arsene
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:bulletyellow: Persona 5: The Protagonist and Arsene

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Want to see some magazine scans?! ...No? Well, too bad, we're going to show them anyway! :XD:

This week, Dengaki Playstation has provided new details on Persona 4: Dancing All Night, which will be released in Japan on June 2015. Check out these scans! And don't worry, we'll give you the gist of the details provided by the magazine. Of course, we got all of these scans and the translation from Gematsu~


:bulletred: Yosuke - He and his friends head out to the city where Yu is for unspecified reasons during the story.
:bulletred: Chie - Like in fighting, her dance style has copious amounts of kung fu.
:bulletred: Kanji - His dance style makes copious use of his brute strength to charm his audience
:bulletred: Teddie - He refers to himself in the article as “The Prince of Dance.”


:bulletred: Players are tasked with beating back Shadows by dancing.
:bulletred: Players will tap buttons that appear on screen in time to rhythm. (Left side of screen: Up, Left, and Down. Right side: Triangle, Circle, and X.)
:bulletred: The game features familiar twists like simultaneous button presses, long presses (seen as a pair of H’s inside a long oval), and such.
:bulletred: Players can build up combos and trigger special scenes. More information on that is coming at a later date.
:bulletred: Duets with two dancers also occur in the game, in addition to characters dancing solo.
:bulletred: The enemy icon from the Shin Megami Tensei Super Nintendo games appears at the top of screen during dances.

I have a feeling that this game will be addicting! For anyone who has not tried rhythm games, you should grab your hands on any musical game right now. Trust me - one minute you're just curious, but the next you're hooked.


And for our Persona 5 News! Aside from Gematsu, we have also checked out Persona Fan Channel, a Facebook page dedicated to dishing out Persona news. From there we got scans of Famitsu's Persona 5 Issue. Here are the lovely scans:

We have given you a lot of details on our previous post (check it out HERE!). We have additional details, though!


:bulletred: He lives with his parents' friends at a coffee shop named SUMIKON


:bulletred: Director Katsuna Hashino has remained silent on where the protagonist's fights take place and why Personas appear as enemies. There is a reason behind these two, though.

:bulletred: The animation studio that is handling Persona 5‘s anime scenes is Production I.G, and that studio’s anime director is the one who suggested the character figure skating scenes in the trailer.

:bulletred: The game starts in Shibuya, but takes place in various parts of Tokyo as well.
:bulletred: Each character has their own distinct firearm for long distance weapons, however they aren’t actual guns, yet are still effective in combat.

:bulletred: Social Links or a mechanic like them will have new twists, while also pertaining to their traditional elements of increasing various strengths/abilities.

:bulletred: The song heard in the Persona 5 trailer is the instrumental version of the main theme, according to series composer Shoji Meguro
:bulletred: Meguro also stated that he wanted to give Persona 5's music acid jazz-like elements to bring out the game’s mood, including the main theme
:bulletred: Direcotr Hashino was happy with the music, since jazz goes hand-in-hand with the story of Lupin in its phantom thief motif.

So, what do you guys think?

Tell us your thoughts! We admins love Persona with a passion. It'll be great hearing the ideas of our fellow fans! :D
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I'd like to see Arsene and Izanagi in a fight.
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Can u send me a invite? My phone wont show me the join button. I love persona4
Shojo-Onigiri Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello Im looking for fan art of a pairing that there isnt much fan art of.
Before I start asking I would like to say, I dont have any money or any points, but I will promote your art on my page on facebook with over 1200 fans. (…

But here I go! Im looking for so many, as many as I can and I will promote everyone on my page who has sent in a picture!
But I am looking for these two characters in a romantic setting, Minako Arisato and Jin Shirato, they are from Persona 3 (portable due to minako being alternate Female protag in that one)


~~~~~~~~~~~Minako Arisato: (…
~~LOOKS: She has auburn hair, which she almost always has in cliped up, along with barrettes which form the roman numeral XXII which she always has. She has redish brown eyes and a pale complexion. She is about 5' 5" tall.
~~PERSONALITY: Minako is the typical Protagonist, she is fun loving, Easy going, and can be supper lovey. She is generally rather happy to be around anyone she cares about. she is very bubbly, funny, upbeat, and cheery. Her dialogue choices exhibit a broad spectrum of emotions, ranging from sarcasm, joking tones, utter seriousness, and otherwise depending on the player's choice. At school, she is said to have many admirers. She is also said to be dependable and tough, just like how a leader should be. Although she seems to be always in high spirits, she hides her suffering and burden.

~~~~~~~~~~~Jin Shirato: (… ).
~~LOOKS: Jin has short, dark blue hair (with the right side being slicked back) and dark blue eyes. He wears a green jacket with black straps with two dis-attached sleeves, and navy blue pants with a black pocket, and black shoes. He also wears orange-tinted glasses with black frames. He is almost always seen carrying a silver briefcase not generally in romantic pictures though. He is about 5' 9"
~~PERSONALITY: Jin is one of the antagonists, He is a bit cocky, but has a soft spot for his closest friends. He is extreamly Loyal. he generally wants to hide his emotions but often its completely obvious about what is on his mind. Jin is an extremely intelligent tactical thinker, and he tends to use overpowering force. He is the webmaster of "Revenge Request," and the occasional voice of reason to prevent Takaya (the leader of his group called STREGA) from making foolish choices. He uses grenades and bombs in battle and is also a skilled computer hacker.


Here are some examples of them together:…………

Now here is the thing, You can draw them in any romantic situation, no matter the rating, no matter what.
Just romantic, cute, or even funny! You can draw them in alternate clothing, as long as Jin keeps his amber tinted glasses and hopefully has that color green as his main clothing color, as for Minako....anything works as long as she has her XXII clips in her hair.

If interested in more info feel free to comment here and or message me~ Thank you! <3
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